It’s Monday What are you Reading?

This week I strayed from my reading challenge and read the book Rule #1 you can’t date the coach’s daughter by Anne-Marie Meyer. I had to drive home for Thanksgiving so I decided to just listen to this book in the car. I’m not really sure why I chose this book other than I thought that it looked interesting and had good reviews on audible.

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This book is about a girl named Destiny. Her father is the high school football coach. He makes Destiny help be the water girl every football practice. All football players have a set of rules but the number 1 rule for them or really any boy in school is don’t date the coaches daughter. Now this is a problem for Destiny because she has a huge crush on the quarterback named Tyson. Tyson and Destiny end up sneaking around together until Destiny’s dad finally founds out and to really decided what he wants to do about the situation.

This is a good book honestly. I probably wouldn’t suggest it to a boy just because it is from the girls point of view and it is quite girly. It would be a great book for the high school level. It’s an easy read but with some of the content I think the readers just need to be a little more mature.

9 thoughts on “It’s Monday What are you Reading?

  1. Sounds like a pretty neat book. I think it’s interesting that you brought up that this is a “girly” book. I have been really struggling finding books that girls might be drawn to. I have definitely worked through a previous misconception of mine lately–that struggling/dependent/hesitant readers are usually males. This is certainly not the case, and you may be thinking–well, duh, Liz. But I honestly thought this. I am going to be more mindful of those struggling readers who are girls, or popular girls. What do they like to read and do I have enough reading materials in their areas of interest in my classroom? What do girly girls like to read? Maybe books like the one you reviewed here. So thank you for posting and for helping work through some ignorant biases that I have been holding onto.


    1. Don’t feel ashamed of it! It’s something I think most people have problems with. I only know girls struggle as well because I was one of those girls who struggled with reading! I think having more books for them is definitely a good idea!


  2. I have never heard of this book before, but it definitely sound like a book I would really like! I also love romance books and so I will for sure be reading this sometime soon! Thank you for sharing this book! 🙂


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